Cancellation by the pilots :

Because a pilot may unfortunately be unavailable on D-day, and the purchase of a circuit service represents an investment for your customers, we protect their purchase in the event of their cancellation. They have been forced to cancel and have proof, or simply did not show up at the event you organized : we will refund the service they purchased from you.

Our flagship product launched in 2021, Cancel’R, is sold by our solution’s partner organizers, on their online store, when a pilot is booking a ride.

The contract comes into effect in the following cases (*):

Justified cancellations are reimbursed at 100% or 70%, depending on the case.
Reason for health, work, family, breakdown of the truck transporting the track vehicle, vehicle accident recorded before taxiing …

Cancellations due to bad weather are reimbursed at 70% . The pilot does not show up for taxiing or does not wish to take the runway due to the condition of the runway (wet runway).

daytime interruptions during driving sessions which prevent participants from returning to the track (vehicle engaged or driver no longer operational) trigger the reimbursement of the reservation at 50% .

(*) within the limits of the conditions provided for in the contract information notice .

This guarantee can be taken out with partner organizers of Assuracing. contact us now for any clarification.