ASSURACING is an insurance program designed and offered by the company VAX conseils .

VAX CONSEILS is an insurance brokerage company based in Yvelines (78), France.

The company is independent, its founders come from the world of digital and insurance. It specializes in mobility trades and thus supports this market in all of its sectors:

  • The mobility sports , including motor sports (the Assuracing program)
  • The road training companies (driving schools)
  • The transportation professionals
  • The concessions and garages all activities combined
  • The schools and training centers of the sector

Areas of expertise

VAX CONSEILS advises and supports its customers concerning all the risks they can face:

  • Public liability,
  • Damage to property and business interruption,
  • Land Motor Vehicle Insurance,
  • Personal insurance for employees and company directors.

ASSURACING is the affinity program for motor sports.

This program aims to protect pilots, clubs and circuits during their practice, but also to enrich the services offered to them.